8 Reasons that makes the Kruger National Park a world class safari destination:

1. Acres of unspoiled African bush plains. The Kruger National Park is larger than Wales or Belgium. It measures about 360 kilometers in length and 65 kilometers in width at its widest point. 

2. The Kruger National Park is regarded as one of the top national parks in the world by many tourists from around the globe. In actuality, it is the third-largest National Park on the planet.

 5. You can drive there or take a scheduled flight from Johannesburg or Cape Town to Skukuza or Mbombela international Airport making it simple to reach the Kruger National Park. For large groups and upscale travelers, charter flights have access to the reserve as well. We at Explore Kruger Safaris will be more than willing to give our travelers the best advice on routes and/or traveling options when booking with us.

6. Bird enthusiasts can anticipate observing more than 517 different bird species.

3. Ideal for day visitors to take some time and freely drive around to get a true experience of Africa or to join a guided open vehicle safari. You are guaranteed the best safari experience with us, Explore Kruger Safaris. 

4. When it comes to lodging, the Kruger National Park,Marloth Park and Malelane can accommodate all tastes and budgets, with some of the most prestigious private concession lodges in the world enhancing the luxury experiences.

 7. There are five distinct vegetation zones in the Kruger National Park, each with a unique aesthetic and a wide variety of animal and plant life. It’s a diverse collection of breathtaking nature at its best, ranging from dry semi-desert to densely forested regions with flowering trees. Keep an eye out for the region’s famous Baobab trees and the fascinating animals that call them home.

8. There are fantastic opportunities to see wildlife in the Kruger National Park. Here, the elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, rhino, buffalo, giraffe, hippo, and zebra—all famous safari animals of Africa—thrive. More than 12,000 elephants, 27,000 African Buffalo, 2,000 leopards, and 2,800 lions can be found in the Kruger National Park. In addition, it’s thought to be the best location in the world to see a leopard. 

No better way to experience the breathtaking views and wildlife than on a safari in an open vehicle.