What an Afternoon Safari Has to Offer

What an Afternoon Safari Has to Offer A safari in the late afternoon is more relaxing. The majority of visitors (those not staying overnight) will have left the park, leaving it much more quiet.

The heat of the day had almost completely subsided by late afternoon, making a journey much more bearable. The animals would also have emerged from concealment.

Animals seek out a cool place to wait it out because the heat is typically pretty strong by midday any time of the year. The wildlife begins searching for water and a place to spend the night as soon as the day’s heat is over.

After a leisurely afternoon, most likely spent by the pool or on your deck, you will then board one of our open safari vehicles for a four-hour drive that ends in the evening. Pick up will be from 13:00pmĀ during the winter and 14:00 during the summer.

Undoubtedly one of Africa’s most famous vistas, a sunset throwing golden light across the Kruger National Park, will be on display whilst making your way back to your accommodation.

On your safari fresh creatures will start to emerge at dawn adding to the excitement of the journey’s conclusion.

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